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Wealth Management Services

The Indian market also exhibits a wide range of Investment opportunities. As an NRI investor, you can engage our  services from our   investment firm offering transaction and advisory services, which encompass access to the wide range of products, research and execution services.

Wealth Management for NRI’s incorporates financial planning, investment management, insurance and risk management, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning and a other aggregated financial services.

We prefer a holistic approach in providing Wealth Management Consulting and advisory encompassing Wealth Protection, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth appreciation. We provide end-to-end services to NRIs – Including Banking Services  , Getting PAN and KYC compliant , risk profiling, financial planning and investment management; time to time , reviewing, and Re-aligning investments according to changing Market Environments keeping tax compliance in India and your respective country into consideration.

Our range of wealth creation, wealth management and wealth protection solutions are provided through partners that are leaders in their areas of expertise. These partners enable us to provide solutions covering:

  • Direct Equity, Futures & Options – Online and offline platform
  • Mutual Funds – investing in both Indian and international markets and across multiple asset classes
  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS) – across equity, debt and real estate..
  • Bonds / Deposits – Issued by Government, and Corporates
  • Structured Products : Customised Wealth Creation Tools.
  • Life Insurance Solutions taking care of risk coverage, investment and pension solutions
  • General Insurance covering health, businesses and assets.

NRI Taxation/Tax Consultancy Services 

The taxation scenario in India is undergoing tremendous changes currently. The Income Tax law is also undergoing a lot of change. A new kind of tax regime is developing which is radically going to change the outlook of the tax laws in India.


If you have any query on the latest tax scenario, Send a Query. We have Legal Experts like Chartered Accountants / Advocates associated with us, who have Experience, Knowledge and expertise in these areas. These Associates have been carefully chosen to provide the legal opinions to help our clients with their problems and resolving their Issues under the new tax structure.


Our Core team members, consist of experts in the Areas of both Legal and Tax Advisory / Consultancy. They are competent and practicing CA’s and Lawyers for last many years at the highest appellate level. They have vast knowledge and standing of about 10 to 25 years in dealing with cases of Individuals , NRI’s, Corporates, and Firms.


Services that can be taken care off are like: PAN Card Application, Income Tax Returns Filing , Property Gain Tax Calculation ( Capital Gain Bonds , Land/ Property related Documentation , 15CA, 15CB Certificates.) etc.


Filing of Income tax and Wealth tax returns by Non-resident Indian assesses has become easier with the assistance offered by us.

Also, if you wish to invest in real estate, start a business venture, send home money, file your tax returns, immigrate or if there is any other commercial-legal issue which is bothering you, please get in touch with us.


You may write to us with any type of queries regarding matter of law or fact in filing of income and wealth tax returns as per the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 and Wealth Tax Act, 1955. We are here to answer your queries through our help desk.


We would be happy to look after your Taxation / Legal  Services needed in India, please do contact us at brightvisioninvestmentservice@gmail.com


Equity Shares Investments and Dematerialization of Securities

If you have any grievances regarding transfer, non-receipt of share certificates or dividend warrants, Dematerialisation of securities etc., or any issue regarding India Millennium Deposits, Resurgent India Bonds, get in touch with us. We will complete all your paperwork , documentation in this regard.

Legal Consutancy & Services

Most of the Indians living abroad / NRI’s  certainly have some immovable property in India. It could be an ancestral land or house or a self acquired piece of land or a flat. As an NRI we would assist you to know your right’s to inheritance in the property owned by your grandparents or parents. There are cases related to : where

Transfer of Property / Succession / Inheritance by Will / Power of Attorney/ Disputes / Buying and Selling / Investments in Real estate.

Will Advisory

A Will is an important legal document which enables the individual /any living person to rightfully leave his assets and wealth to whoever he chooses to, after his death. Thinking about drafting a will is a crucial subject. Failing to have a will in place might lead to serious legal and administrative problems. It can bring difficulty in dealing with your estate when you pass away. A will can ensure that your assets are amicably distributed in the way in which you desire. It helps in providing the best for your loved ones after you pass away.

We will ensure under The Indian Succession Act, 1925 , formulate a Legal Will under the various aspects of Succession , Declaration , Inheritance , Probate , POA , Executor of will , Nomination etc. EXECUTION OF A WILL, PROCEDURE FOR REGISTRATION of Will and FORMS & FORMALITIES TO MAKE A WILL

Real Estate Advisory  


With substantial knowledge and experience in buying or selling of real estate, the team at TRP offers invaluable assistance and expertise in buying or selling real estate to individuals, real estate developers, landlords etc. We have been handling seamlessly full spectrum of real estate projects and are aware of the most competitive cost and fees involved in a transaction. Thus, providing innovative solutions in a practical, constructive, beneficial, business-oriented manner and ensuring our client is given the best possible prices.

Our Real Estate Services Include:

  • Identification of buyer/seller
  • Identification of a suitable property as per the requirements of a client
  • Establishing title to the property
  • Ensuring all documents are properly executed and delivered
  • Preparing & evaluating all of the documents necessary to complete a transaction efficiently & correctly
  • Negotiating , drafting and reviewing sale and purchase agreements
  • A thorough physical inspection of the property in order to negotiate a better purchase price
  • Transfer of Land & Property
  • Partition of Land & Property
  • Renting out
  • Caretaking
  • Legal and Government formalities
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Home Insurance

Fees for our services are customize/personalize our services to client specific needs, we do not have a one-price fits all approach. We will provide you fee estimates after knowing your specific needs.

Tour and Travel Planning Services     

Incredible India is the spot for tourists to truly identify the heavenly beauty of India. We try our level best and assist NRI’s in planning their trip to the INDIA. Our Associated Services Partners ( Authorized Govt Registered and Approved Travel Planners ) intend to assist our clients find suitable conveyance and accommodation and have the greatest of experiences in India.

The Services includes:

  • Car & Hotel Arrangements in India
  • Trip Planning to Religious Abodes
  • Tour Management Services in India