Home Loan

Buying a home is everyone’s dream. Either purchasing or constructing a home, both require substantial investment to make. It is one of the major decisions a person has to take during his life. It is rare to find someone who pays the entire cost of home from out of his savings. A home loan will be the biggest item on your expenses list and it may run for up to two decades so you want to make sure you get it done right.

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You may require home loan for various purposes like

Taking a home loan is a long journey, which involves many stages. With so many banks and NBFCs offering housing loan products , finding the best home loan becomes a time taking and tedious job.

Not to worry, TRP is there at your doorstep to provide you a helping hand in your home loan search process.

In order to find the best deal, we at TRP carry out unbiased comparison of interest rates, processing fees and other expenses between the various deals available in the market according to the data provided by you.

Factors to consider for choosing the perfect home loan

  • Loan disbursal time

    The time for home loan disbursal varies from one bank to another, usually a lender takes anywhere around 10-15 days for loan processing and disbursal. Choose home loan provider which takes lesser time and does not cause unnecessary delays in home loan processing.

  • Loan eligibility

    Home loan eligibility criteria vary from one lender to another. The eligibility of an individual is determined by his age, income, work profile, credit history, etc.

  • Rate of interest

    fixed or floating: Some home loan providers charge fixed and some floating rate of interest on home loans. Fixed interest rates are considered ideal for shorter tenure loans and floating for longer tenure loans. Some lenders even offer hybrid home loans in which the borrower can enjoy the benefit of both fixed and floating interest rates.

  • Hidden charges

    Loan providers levy a number of additional charges, such as the processing charge, prepayment or foreclosure charge, etc. It is best to read the fine print before making the final choice so that you do not end up feeling pick-pocketed when such charges are levied.

  • Terms and conditions associated with the home loan

    List of terms and conditions pertaining to repayment, prepayment, loan transfer, and many other things related to the home loan should also be taken into account while choosing a home loan.

    We also have a user-friendly home loan EMI calculator which helps you calculate the amount which you will need to pay monthly in order to repay your home loan. You will need to enter a few inputs in the EMI calculator, such as loan amount, loan tenure and interest rate on the loan. On the basis of your inputs the calculator will show an amount which will be your monthly EMI for your home loan. Our EMI calculator helps your assess your repayment capacity before opting for the home loan.

Loan Against Property

Loan against property (LAP) is a secured loan i.e. the bank keeps the property documents as collateral during the term of the loan. Due to the reduced risk perceived by the bank in case of such a loan, the interest rates on offer are quite low and close to the base rate. Loan against Property can be taken for following purposes:

  • Expanding your business
  • Getting your son/daughter married
  • Sending your son/daughter for higher studies abroad
  • Funding your dream vacation
  • Funding medical treatments

You can normally take a loan against your self-occupied or rented residential property. This could be a house or even a piece of land.

In order to find the best deal, we at TRP carry out unbiased comparison of interest rates, processing fees and other expenses between the various deals available in the market according to the data provided by you.

We are business associates for various nationalized /private banks and NBFCs.

Home Loan Balance Transfer

If you have an existing outstanding home loan with one borrower and transfer the remainder amount to a different borrower who charges a lower rate of interest, the process is termed as a home loan balance transfer or refinancing. The process allows you to benefit from the lower interest rate offered by the other lender even though you are charged a fee (usually 1% of the total amount transferred) for performing the transfer.

Banks are very careful when allowing a loan transfer, especially banks which take on the responsibility of the transferred loan amount. And that is where TRP can help you.

Our Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator can help speed up your decision-making process by sifting through all the offers available based on the information provided by you. Our online tool automatically generates a comprehensive comparison report based on your requirements to help you make an informed decision. Our calculator takes everything into consideration, such as your total and outstanding loan amounts, remaining loan tenure and the existing rate of interest on your home loan. We will also provide you with the fine print of the transfer agreement to aid your decision.

We are business associates for various nationalized /private banks and NBFCs.


Car Loan

Now a day, owning a car is necessity rather than luxury. But the rising cost of cars often makes it extremely difficult for the average individual to purchase it outright using ones savings. Leading banks and NBFCs have floated products known as car loans that enable you to purchase your car and pay off the amount borrowed through EMIs.

Car loans are currently available for both used cars and new ones. Usually loan on new car is cheaper than the loan on used car. So, for a large majority of the prospective car purchasers, approaching a bank or NBFC for a car loan to buy a new car is the preferred option.

A few of the key characteristics of Car loans are as follows

Easy documentation

Avail loans up to Rs 1.5 crore

Reasonable EMIs

Car loan can be opted for new or used cars

Flexible repayment tenure of 1-7 years

Certain points to be kept in mind while taking car loan :

  • Foreclosure charges
  • Processing Fees
  • Advance EMI option

TRP is a one-stop-shop for comparing car loan offered by various financial institutions. Our unbiased approach allows you to evaluate deals on the basis of key factors such as loan amount, interest rate, eligibility criteria and repayment options. Select the loan with the lowest EMI and beware from getting bluffed by agents.

We are business associates for various nationalized /private banks and NBFCs.

Gold Loan

Gold loan is provided against collateral in the form of gold ornaments or gold coins. You have to deposit your gold ornaments with the bank or NBFC and once you pay back the full loan amount with interest these ornaments are released.

Benefits of Gold Loan

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It has fast disbursement, loan is provided within few hours.

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Minimal documentation required.

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Low interest rates

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Easy renewal

We at TRP , provides you with best available deals by analyzing various feature offered in the loan by various banks/NBFCs.

We are business associates for various nationalized /private banks and NBFCs.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is a unsecured loan (no collateral) that you can use to meet current short term financial needs. It is most commonly used to meet expenses like vacations, unexpected medical expenses, short term/seasonal business funding requirement etc. Be it for higher education, marriage, shopping needs, a personal emergency, or just need of extra cash, you can anytime get instant cash with personal loans. The benefit of personal loan is that its tenure is shorter as compared to a mortgage loan and you can even avail this without keeping any property as collateral.

We at TRP follow unbiased approach of comparing different personal loans. We selectively choose personal loan offers from several banks/NBFCs so that you can take well-informed decisions. We compare various loan offers on the basis of interest rates, EMIs, eligibility, maximum amount that can be borrowed, fees, and hidden charges, so that you choose only what you need.

We are business associates for various nationalized /private banks and NBFCs.


Business Loan

We thru our business associates ( various banks/NBFCs) offers working capital finance by way of cash credit limits, overdraft limits or working capital loans suitably structured to your requirements and your risk profile. These products are designed to ease the liquidity position and come with various other facilities. We arrange business loan to various MSME/SME units from the best available offer.

We are business associates for various nationalized /private banks and NBFCs.

Commercial Vehicle Loan

Commercial vehicle loans are usually taken by individual, trusts, societies, self-employed, businessmen and private and public limited companies for their financing needs for owning and running commercial vehicles.

The borrowers of these loans are usually engaged in the business of transportation. Commercial vehicle loan options are available for buses, tippers, transit mixers or any other heavy, light or small commercial vehicle. A commercial vehicle loan can be taken for a variety of commercial vehicles, which may be used at different locations.

While loans are sanctioned for the purchase of a new commercial vehicle, banks also offer loans for pre-owned vehicles. Borrowers can also avail of a top up on existing loans subject to conditions.

The loan amount can vary depending upon the specific requirement. Funding can extent to 100% of the chassis, body funding can be extended on special requirement and on the past experiences.

Chassis basically means the internal structure of a vehicle like engine, transmission, driveshaft, differential and suspension.

The tenure of the loan can range from six months to sixty months.

At TRP we compare various factors such interest rates, additional charges, documents required and the term of the loan from various banks/NBFCs and come with the best available offer.

We are business associates for various nationalized /private banks and NBFCs.


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