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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Service provides expert financial management for your PMS investments, aiming to deliver consistent returns. By availing of this service, you can free yourself from the burdensome task of monitoring your investments. It offers several advantages, such as regular reviews and robust risk management options and serves as an excellent investment avenue for high-net-worth individuals.

Expert Fund Managers
Robust Risk Management
Diversified Portfolio Management
Monthly Review
Quality Stock Selection

Features and Benefits of Portfolio Management Services

Asset Allocation


Asset allocation is the process of dividing your investment into multiple asset groups. This mix must be done so that investors may protect their investments while generating more significant returns.



Portfolio Management Services provides investors with a customized investment solution. Portfolio managers can diversify an investor's portfolio based on his risk tolerance and the rewards his existing investments provide.

Portfolio Performance Tracking


One of the advantages of using a PMS service is the ability to track the performance of a portfolio. You may follow your holdings in real-time, and the investor is also updated on market conditions.

Risk Management


Investment involves a certain degree of risk. With the best PMS services, you can control the amount of risk you wish to accept. With real-time tracking under the Non-discretionary PMS, you can determine whether the investment instrument should be kept or redeemed before maturity.

Maintaining Liquidity


Investments are made to meet financial objectives. The best PMS services provider in India helps you maintain liquidity to redeem your investment in times of need.



The best Portfolio Management Services will help you in meeting your financial objectives. It also helps investors better understand their finances. It helps investors understand how the funds work and makes informed decisions by providing continual knowledge and investment techniques.

Types of Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services in India are of two categories.

Discretionary Portfolio Management Service:

The portfolio manager manages the funds and securities independently and individually in discretionary PMS service. Investors are not required to make any financial decisions. They advise the portfolio management of their requirements, and the manager works to meet them.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service:

A Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service is one in which the portfolio manager manages the funds following the client's directions.

How Does Portfolio Management Service Work?

Step 1:The investor decides whether to use a discretionary or non-discretionary PMS.

Step 2:The investor invests a minimum of INR 50 Lakhs.

Step 3:If the investor chooses discretionary PMS, they will receive regular reports on the success of their portfolio.

Step 4:Evaluation and modifications are made based on the investor's needs.

Aspects of Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Taxability on PMS Investment

Profits from Portfolio Management Services are taxed as capital gains.

Profits on investments held for one year or less are eligible for short-term capital gains. It is subject to a 15% tax plus a Cess.

Long-term capital gains are paid for any profit made after one year, and the investor must pay 10% without any indexation benefit.

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Products we have for you

Value Strategy

The Value Strategy aims to benefit from the long term compounding effect on investments done in good businesses, run by great business managers for superior wealth creation.

The Strategy has the investment style of buying Undervalued stock & Sell overvalued stocks, irrespective of index movements.

Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity

The NTDOP Aims to deliver superior returns by investing in focused themes which are part of the next trillion dollar GDP growth opportunity The Strategy endeavor to capitalize on the themes of consumerism, Banking & Financial Services & Infrastructure in the Indian Economy.

India Opportunities Portfolio Strategy

The IOP will aim to capitalize on this growth by investing in companies which are expected to grow along with India and meet our unique investment philosophy of QGLP.